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          Hebei Longtower Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a Sino-US joint venture. It's a subsidiary of Shijiazhuang Shenghua Group Ltd(SSG in abbr). Longtower is located in the high-tech industrial park in Zhengding, Shijiazhuang. With high-speed rail near here, the transportation around Longtower is very convenient. It is 20 km away from Longtower to Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport and 2 km to G4 (the highway from Beijing to Hong Kong and Macao). 
          Hebei Longtower is mainly engaged in self-propelled scissor lifts and related products. The self-propelled scissor lifts are widely used in railway stations, airports, exhibition centers, hotels, ports, interior decoration, plant construction, warehousing and cargo handling, high-speed rail, firefighting, marine, construction, municipal construction, military, aerospace and other high-altitude operating environment. It is an emerging technology industries, has broad market prospects. Longtower has a modern factory, all types of CNC cutting, bending, molding equipment and sandblasting, spraying equipment, and also a group of sophisticated professional and technical personnel which make Longtower having independent research and produce capacity. The requirements of  ISO9001 quality management system are implemented throughout the entire production process. Longtower controlls the product quality strictly to ensure providing customers with the highest quality products. Longtower participates actively in domestic market as well as international competition. Longtower will continue to expand domestic and international markets with advanced design concepts, reliable product performance.

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