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          Talent Strategy
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          Dragon Tower's talent strategy: independent culture, eclectic

               1. to independent culture-based, eclectic supplemented;
               2. independent training of skilled workers, technicians absorb the introduction of regional shortages;
               3. self-culture technology, marketing team, absorbing the introduction of domestic leading talent;
               4. self-management training cadres absorb the introduction of industry experts.

          Dragon Tower's concept of talent: Talent is the Dragon Tower's capital    
               1. people-oriented, first person, after work;
               2. human resources are the primary resources of the company, investment in human resources is the highest return on investment;
               3. operating business is business people, all members of sincere cooperation, in order to run a good business;
               4. Achievement is the result of joint efforts of all members, we respect the value of every member.

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